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Recital Dress Rehearsal

The Dress Rehearsal will be at the QCPAC on Thursday, June 7th. The Dress Rehearsal Order will tell you exactly what time you should be there. It will be posted in the studio closer to the Recital date. Copies will be available to take home.

Dancers will wear their costumes and have hair and make-up done, just like “show night”.  Please remember the dress rehearsal is for parents ONLY.


It is tradition to compliment a dancer with flowers after a performance. For your convenience, we will have flowers available for purchase in the lobby for all performances.

Video Recording/Photography

NO VIDEO RECORDING, PHOTOGRAPHY, or FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY is allowed during the performances. We are having a professional video and photography company record all performances. Keepsake copies of the show can be ordered on those nights at a reasonable price. Having a professional videographer will enable everyone to enjoy the show.



Who We Are!

Dance Connection 2 is a highly reputable dance studio serving the Arizona East Valley for over 25 years. The eighteen dance instructors have over 200 years of combined experience.

Every instructor has an impressive resume and experience both on stage and teaching their craft. This experience provides the best training for students entering our studio.

Come and visit us and discover why so many dancers choose DC2.



• Dec. 14th-15th & 20th-22nd // Nutcracker

• Dec. 15th // Holiday Showcase

• Jan. 7th // Classes Resume

• May 17th-18th // Recital Pictures

• June 6th // Summer Recital Dress Rehearsal

• June 7th // Summer Recital Performance

• June 11th-14th // Dynamite Express Dance Camp

• July 8th // 2019 Class Schedule Begins

How To Find Us

From West Chandler

Take San Tan 202 East To Gilbert Rd. Go South on Gilbert Rd. (1/2 mile). Go West on Germann Rd. (3/4 mile) DC2 Will be on the RIGHT side (N. Side).

From East Gilbert

Take San Tan 202 West To Gilbert Rd. Go South on Gilbert Rd. (1/2 mile). Go West on Germann Rd. (3/4 mile) DC2 Will be on the RIGHT side (N. Side).

Dance Connection 2

• 2250 E. Germann Rd., Chandler, AZ 85286

• 480-558-2055