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Dance Connection 2, Chandler AZ’s favorite Dance Studio, wants it as easy as possible for everyone to get involved in such an amazing activity for their children!  As anyone knows, when picking something for your very own child, you want it to be perfect and no surprises!  Below are a few of the most common questions asked by dance parents.  If there are more questions please feel free to contact us here, or call us at 480-558-2055.  We look forward to seeing your children’s faces light up with smiles in one of our 150 dance lessons!

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We can say a majority of dance studios around Arizona require their little dancers to be potty trained.  DC2 allows dancers to join class before that big step in their lives.  We just ask that if your child is still waiting to jump over the potty trained hurdle, that you stay throughout the entire class just in case they need your help.

Parents!  Go shopping, go make dinner, have time for yourself!  Our trusting professional staff have a complete hour ready for your child to enjoy.  Our front desk will contact you if they need you back a little earlier.  If your child isn’t potty trained please read to FAQ #1.

During the winter visitor week we invite all the parents and guests to come in and enjoy watching their little dancer from inside the classroom.  There you can enjoy all the fun they are having just an arm’s length away!  During the regular season (all other classes) the classes are closed to parents.

If you’re at the point of trying to decide if dance is right for your young dancer we first suggest a couple of things.  First, give your dancer a month to really see if he/she likes dance.  You’ll be able to determine if that class/teacher/style is congruent with his/her appetite for learning.  Second, if you find that the current class is not for your child, please visit or call our front desk, and you can try any other class, FOR FREE, until we find the right one for you!

We understand that you’re probably juggling with soccer, football, work, and school.  For that very reason, Dance Connection 2 has open enrollment throughout the entire year!  You can join a class, as long as there is room, at any time of the year regardless the season.  All queries about SQUAD & Dance Connection 2 Dance Company should be followed up with the front desk staff.

As long as there is room in the class, dancers can rejoin at any part of the year.

DC2 allows for dancers to have their own self-expression when it comes to dance.  Many students in the dance class will wear something related to the class.  For instance, loose fitting clothes and tennis shoes are usually seen in Hip Hop, while tighter, form fitting clothes are seen in the Funky Jazz classes.  Please check out our friends at Dees’s Dancewear for all the new dance wear and dance shoes.  Please contact us for any questions!

June 10th & 11th, 2022 is the Summer Recital Performance with the dress rehearsal on June 9th 2022.

DC2 is proud to offer a family rate discount to any and all families enrolling two or more dance students.  Please visit our Pricing Page here.

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