The best dance studio in Chandler, AZ, is now offering a class designed for those little dancers in your family. The DC TuTus program is specifically for children ages 3 to 5. Dancing is a natural form of expression for your child. It meets the need for self-expression, it meets the need for exercise, and it meets the need for play.

Your Child Will Love DCTuTus!

Imagine your little girl dressed in a tutu, arms raised above her head, and effortlessly striding, spinning, and turning on stage to music. The joy you will experience will only be surpassed by the joy and fun your little girl will feel as they perform their first dance recital.

Your child will love dancing for a variety of reasons. Probably the first and foremost reason is they will enjoy the fun of learning to dance. Through this fun they will be getting much needed exercise that will burn up those energy stores so when bedtime rolls around they will actually be tired. Another reason to introduce your child to dance is to give them a healthy outlet for self-expression.

I can’t say there is a better program my 3 year old could be in. We tried everything from daycare, to city organizations, but the DCTuTus is where its at! Plus I get 2 hours to get my shopping done!

My child learned the appropriate skills to move up into their Dynamite Express… From there we know we’ll be able to one day have Lauren in their company!


buy accutane online canada pharmacy Through self-expression your child will tap into their inner feeling world and bring it out for you to see in a way unique to your child. All children have a need to express themselves. Why not give them a healthy platform such as dance. The DC TuTus class is that platform. And it is only the beginning. You really have nothing to lose, but you stand to gain a dancer engaged in confidence building activities that will last a lifetime.

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Why DC TuTus

Dance Connection 2 knows that younger children need classes that fit their age, their coordination level, and their temperament. It is important for these little guys and gals to have fun. If it isn’t fun they will most likely resist coming to dance classes. The DC TuTus class is designed to not only teach your child but to enable your child to have fun learning.

Watch Our Kids In Action!

here These Dancers Rock The Stage!

Whether your child is destined for a professional dance career or just needs a healthy outlet, the instructors at Dance Connection 2 can provide the instruction in DC TuTus to lay the foundation for all dance types, such as Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Ballroom, many other dance choices.


As a parent I can honestly say that the best reason for me is to give my child the desire to have fun doing a physical activity. Too many children today meet their need for fun through activities that do not require much if any exercise, such as video games, television, and investigating electronic devices or storage cupboards.

But the best part of getting your child interested in dancing is the exercise routines come home with them. These little angels will come home after their lessons and dance around the house or yard enthusiastically day in and day out. What parent wouldn’t appreciate that?

Start Your Child as a DCTuTu!

You know the reasons to enroll your little dancer in DC TuTus. Contact your Dance Connection 2 in Chandler, AZ, today. The only thing you have to lose is some of your child’s energy, which will be put to good use in dance class. Here are some times and dates to choose from:

buy prednisone mastercard • For your 3 to 5 year olds, classes are available from 9:30 am to 11:30 am on Monday Friday

Call Dance Connection 2 Today

To determine which DC TuTus class is right for your budding dancer.



Who We Are!

Dance Connection 2 is a highly reputable dance studio serving the Arizona East Valley for over 25 years. The eighteen dance instructors have over 200 years of combined experience.

Every instructor has an impressive resume and experience both on stage and teaching their craft. This experience provides the best training for students entering our studio.

Come and visit us and discover why so many dancers choose DC2.



• May 18th & 19th // Recital Class Pictures

• May 28th // Memorial Day – Closed

• June 8th & 9th // Summer Recital Performance

• June 11th // Studio Sunsplash Day – Closed

• June 12th – 15th // Dynamite Express Dance Camp

• June 18th – July 8th // Summer Break – Closed

How To Find Us

From West Chandler

Take San Tan 202 East To Gilbert Rd. Go South on Gilbert Rd. (1/2 mile). Go West on Germann Rd. (3/4 mile) DC2 Will be on the RIGHT side (N. Side).

From East Gilbert

Take San Tan 202 West To Gilbert Rd. Go South on Gilbert Rd. (1/2 mile). Go West on Germann Rd. (3/4 mile) DC2 Will be on the RIGHT side (N. Side).

Dance Connection 2

• 2250 E. Germann Rd., Chandler, AZ 85286

• 480-558-2055

• studio@danceconnection2.com