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Heart-felt inspiration for the future, for the children, for humanity is the overwhelming feeling when Hope kids come to Dance Connection 2. Dance students from DC2 spread the love when they volunteer their time, energy, and skills to teach the children from Hope kids some of their best dance moves. The patience and attention to the […]

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My daughter started dance lessons when she was five. Of course, all I could think about was my cute little angel dressed in a tutu, spinning around and around gleefully, and her face lit up with a permanent smile. However, as I started looking into dance lessons, I was surprised at the variety of dance […]

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What to do with a dancing child What to do, what to do—It is a most serious problem. You are in the kitchen preparing dinner and you hear music and a light thumping sound coming from your child’s bedroom. You sneak a peak through the crack in the partially open door and there you behold: […]

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Why do children like to dance? Because it’s fun! Especially with small children, anything that involves noise, music, movement and interaction is probably fun, so they’re going to do it and continue until told otherwise. For parents, dance represents a great, safe way for their children to enhance their mental and physical health and also […]

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Dancing Is For All Children Find Out More At Dance Connection 2 Imagine your child learning a combination of dance, from beginner all the way up to competition ballet, hip hop, tap, and more. Each of these education products teaches a child not only physical routine and practice, but dance also teaches children how to […]

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Dynamite Express Dance Team Challenge: Learn everything you can and take full advantage of the wonderful opportunities that you will have as a DYNAMITE EXPRESS team member.  Be the best you can be and always strive to be beautiful, both inside and out.  Be a good sport, a good friend; and most of all, a […]

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Dynamite Express Had An Absolute Blast At The Ostrich Festival Dynamite Express Had So Much Fun! A few weekends ago, the 26th Annual Ostrich Festival came to Chandler, Arizona again.  Dynamite Express was of course there, rain or shine, performing for all of the patrons that came through to watch the “Great American Ostrich Races”. […]

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Disney Loves Dynamite Express Dynamite Express is lucky enough to dance at the Disneyland Theme Park! Dynamite Express shares the stage with many of the wonderful characters of Disneyland. The Dynamite Express Dance Team lead the way for the fun and excited ABC Disney Parade.  Right in back of the parade was the character Mater […]

Who We Are!

Dance Connection 2 is a highly reputable dance studio serving the Arizona East Valley for over 25 years. The eighteen dance instructors have over 200 years of combined experience.

Every instructor has an impressive resume and experience both on stage and teaching their craft. This experience provides the best training for students entering our studio.

Come and visit us and discover why so many dancers choose DC2.



• Dec. 14th-15th & 20th-22nd // Nutcracker

• Dec. 15th // Holiday Showcase

• Jan. 7th // Classes Resume

• May 17th-18th // Recital Pictures

• June 6th // Summer Recital Dress Rehearsal

• June 7th // Summer Recital Performance

• June 11th-14th // Dynamite Express Dance Camp

• July 8th // 2019 Class Schedule Begins

How To Find Us

Buy modafinil brisbane - Buy modafinil in south africa

Take San Tan 202 East To Gilbert Rd. Go South on Gilbert Rd. (1/2 mile). Go West on Germann Rd. (3/4 mile) DC2 Will be on the RIGHT side (N. Side).

From East Gilbert

Take San Tan 202 West To Gilbert Rd. Go South on Gilbert Rd. (1/2 mile). Go West on Germann Rd. (3/4 mile) DC2 Will be on the RIGHT side (N. Side).

Dance Connection 2

• 2250 E. Germann Rd., Chandler, AZ 85286

• 480-558-2055