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From ABC 15 News –

This week we’re indoors as we check in on some future “Dancing with the Stars professionals, the kids at Dance Connection 2!

And let’s make one thing perfectly clear! Dance is for the extremely flexible and the extremely talented! There’s simply no room for anyone who can’t bend over backwards and touch their chin to the floor!

For example: take a look at Lia and Vanessa who are, “stretching her pitch”. Oh, and those things on their feet, what are they called? “Turners”. And what exactly are they for? “They help you turn”. Makes sense!

According to nine year old Samantha, the focus today is getting ready for competition. “We’re rehearsing all of our dances”, Samantha tells us.

And who’s the best dancer here Samantha? “Everyone”! Good answer young lady, very good answer!

Seventeen girls and one boy at practice and ten year old Teddy is enjoying every minute of it! “I like how fun people are and how much you learn from people and how nice they are”.

And I’m guessing dance requires a lot of time away from the studio as well? “My Mom makes me stretch and I also rehearse my dances and, yeah, that’s about it”.

And of course, they are still 7, 8, 9 and 10 years old!

Congratulations and thank you to the kids and teachers at Dance Connection 2, you’re this week’s Small Stars!

Dance Connection 2 Is Ready

Every season Dance Connection 2’s outstanding National Award Winning Team goes to compete against other amazing dance studios from across the United States.

This year DC2 will compete at some of the most amazing dance competitions and conventions in California, Arizona, and Nevada.

We wish our beautiful dancers the best of luck and congratulations for making in onto ABC15 News Arizona.

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Who We Are!

Dance Connection 2 is a highly reputable dance studio serving the Arizona East Valley for over 25 years. The eighteen dance instructors have over 200 years of combined experience.

Every instructor has an impressive resume and experience both on stage and teaching their craft. This experience provides the best training for students entering our studio.

Come and visit us and discover why so many dancers choose DC2.



• Dec. 14th-15th & 20th-22nd // Nutcracker

• Dec. 15th // Holiday Showcase

• Jan. 7th // Classes Resume

• May 17th-18th // Recital Pictures

• June 6th // Summer Recital Dress Rehearsal

• June 7th // Summer Recital Performance

• June 11th-14th // Dynamite Express Dance Camp

• July 8th // 2019 Class Schedule Begins

How To Find Us

From West Chandler

Take San Tan 202 East To Gilbert Rd. Go South on Gilbert Rd. (1/2 mile). Go West on Germann Rd. (3/4 mile) DC2 Will be on the RIGHT side (N. Side).

From East Gilbert

Take San Tan 202 West To Gilbert Rd. Go South on Gilbert Rd. (1/2 mile). Go West on Germann Rd. (3/4 mile) DC2 Will be on the RIGHT side (N. Side).

Dance Connection 2

• 2250 E. Germann Rd., Chandler, AZ 85286

• 480-558-2055